Saturday, March 18, 2006

I am still not sure if I like the site design yet. I love the colours, but the yellow seems to take over the whole thing. If I unbold the links, the yellow fades away and everything starts to overlap. God I need to learn stylesheets!

I am no closer to selling my grey car. The person that was supposed to buy it ended getting into trouble with the gubmint, and now has lost his son. So obviously, other things are on his mind. Guess I'll try advertising in the paper again, and maybe I'll make a sign for work.

I cleaned this house from top to bottom on the weekend, and ended up getting so much done in one day, I spent all of today trying to find things to do to amuse myself. I went for dinner with a friend and then came home with about 7 hours of nothing to do ahead of me. Thankfully many friends were online, so I whiled away about 5 hours playing Wizard. Man that game is insanely addicting.

I watched the latest episode of 24 today. Wow, there's something I shouldn't have done. Tony's gonna die too? THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING! First Michelle, now Tony! No!!! At least Jack and his 456875898231286476253 lives are still going strong.

I changed the name of this site because the old name stopped meaning anything to me. As well, I REALLY love the Lomo effect you can do to any picture in Photoshop, and it's actually something I can do without screwing up too badly, which is nice. Eventually I'll have to get the roommate to give me more Photoshop lessons, as he knows many tips and tricks you can't find on one page on the intarweb. Plus, he creates some awesome stuff, so maybe I'll pick up some good ideas along the way.

I know my Flickr badge is overlapping, and eventually when I figure out how to move it over, I will, I promise. It actually looks neat with the 4 pictures overlapping the candle shot. But when words are involved it just looks messy.

Hopefully by the end of the week a resolution will reveal itself to me.


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