Thursday, December 27, 2007

It's proven!

So I've officially proven that nobody reads this site anymore. I asked a question at the bottom of the last entry, and it wasn't answered by anyone, so this is the last post I'll ever make. I'm keeping the site though, because it's where I get all my links from.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Today is November 27th, and this is the first time since summer ended that I woke up to snow. It started last night, so I drove home in it, and I'm happy to report that though my tires aren't new, they're holding up so far, so I should be able to make it through this season without dying. Awesome.

It's been busy around here since I got back from the Dominican, so the wrap up of the trip will be short.

The people are beautiful, the driving is by far the most interesting part of the whole island, the flight up was uncomfortable, and far TOO comfortable on the way back (thanks to a certain person's credit card who helped me upgrade to first class), the shopping wasn't good at all (same types of stones, same styles of jewelry no matter what town you're in), and Canadians rules the roost at the resort, which kind of sucked, because I was really looking forward to meeting awesome people with awesome accents, though I did meet some seriously cute Brits who knew about Kelowna thanks to the Discovery Channel's being here to film the only known floating bridge currently in construction. The wedding went well, and wasn't nearly as hot as I thought it would be. Free drinks are a bad thing, but being so close to the equator (or at least, I'm thinking that's why) is good, because no matter how much I drank, I never got a hangover. Power is an interesting thing, so is cable, as it's not on very often, and we were sure by the time we left that they were shutting it down on purpose. The resort was enormous and well maintained, so don't listen to ANY review you read on the internet about Breezes Puerto Plata. Sure, it's a bit run down, because it's not like it was built yesterday, but they were doing major improvements and construction while we were there, so in about a year, it will be a FANTASTIC place to go. It was still very nice, and I'm glad we all went. Learning the cold climate again once I got back was no fun, but then I thought I'd choke and die (and so did the 50 people walking with us who all hit that hot and wet wall at the same time) when we hit the airport. 3 days later I had a cold, but I was climatized again. Dammit I'm having issues spelling that word. Anyway it was great, and some time today I should get the link for everyone else's pictures. I don't know why, but I wasn't very inspired while I was there, so I didn't take a whole lot. About 3 gigs worth, which sounds like a lot, but it really wasn't.

Anyway, Christmas time it so much fun. My sister has the most amazing Christmas music collection, so I'm currently compiling all the songs so she can cut down on so many CDs, and give them all to me. We decorated my place on the weekend, which is early for me, especially since for the last 5 years I have made my own tradition where I wait until my birthday on Dec 2nd before decorating, but I just couldn't help myself this year. I'm living completely alone, so it was MY choice where I put everything, and I didn't have to ask roommates what they liked. Actually last year everything I tried to bring out was shut down, so I only decorated my very small room. This year when I brought everything out, I was shocked at how much I really had. I didn't know I had collected that much stuff, WOW.

Christmas music has been playing in the car since that day too, which initially was annoying me a touch, since there was no snow in the ground, and the whole Christmas spirit thing felt forced. Now there's no area untouched, so I'm starting to get excited about this holiday. The invitations to myself and my similarly single sister are rolling in already. We have so many friends who have families who love us, so there's never a year where we don't have plans to go somewhere.

On Dec 8th we've even got plans to do a Hanukkah type thing where we're playing the game dradle. I can't wait to see what this game entails, my friend Nola said it involves gambling, which will be fun for me.

Finally, my 30th birthday is this Sunday. God help me, but I'm scared to see this one pass. I'm nowhere near where I wanted to be, and yet where I am is surprising. I never thought I'd ever get a job at Shaw, and I love it (even though it's filled with politics and corporate bullshit, but what monopolizing company isn't really?), and I never thought I'd be crazy cat lady with my 2 darlings, but hey, I'm not throwing old food at kids as they pass by while tapping the ground with my cane as I swish back and forth in my hundred year old rocking chair, so I suppose it's not time to consider myself old yet.

What are your plans for the holidays?

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Finally got home this morning. I'm doing laundry and processing pictures while I grocery shop. A better update is to come.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Good news

The awesome luggage I bought? Absolutely fits all my clothes. I haven't tried any bottles yet for things like shampoo and conditioner, but there's still tons of room at the top of the suitcase, so I know I'm good.

I leave tomorrow night. My sister is off work at 5, and is instructed to come get me right after she's off. I have to be at the airport 2 hours before my flight for Vancouver leaves. I hate waiting in airports, because there is simply nothing to do! I have a brand new book, but I'm assuming the 8 hour wait I've got in Van until the Dominican flight leaves will eat that time up. My friends are leaving here between 7 and 8pm tomorrow night, so they should be at the airport at around 1-2am depending on traffic and the roads. I just checked the web cams they have up at the toll booth, and it actually looks quite dry. That makes me happy, as the last thing I need to worry about is my friends on a super slippery highway. In fact, it doesn't even really look like there's any snow on it, which is ridiculous, considering all the storms that highway has seen over the last week or so.

Tomorrow will be a busy day:

6am - Get up, head to the gym
7am - Come home, shower
7:30am - Continue packing, finish cleaning
8:00am - Take out recycling
9:00am - 10:00am - Vaccuum stairs, tidy room, start final load of laundry
Noon - 1:30pm - Attend industry update meeting at Ramada Inn
1:30 - 5pm - Sit on couch and freak out about impending flight, all the while trying to concentrate on what TV has on

Today I managed to get a lot of laundry and packing done. I did most of my cleaning as well, which was nice.

The cats are aware that something's happening. They keep eyeing my suitcase like it's going to jump out and bite their heads off. I am assuming they will be VERY mad at me when I get home, as my sister won't be around a lot to keep them company, or at least not like I would. I wish it was already the 16th, and I was at home planning my meals for the week. I don't know why, but I just can't get myself excited about this. It keeps feeling like something is going to go terribly wrong. And it will probably be my fault...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Time for a change?

I suppose a site re-design is due...but I don't have time for it. In fact I don't have time for anything. I bought myself a really nice cross stitch pattern (with what else, but a Christmas theme) and I was so excited to have it, I couldn't wait to get started on it. I'm now about 1/100th of the way done, and haven't touched it in two weeks.

The sister got a new place, so for the first couple of weeks she was looking, I was coming with her checking out all the places out there. There's actually some nice ones, that aren't all that badly priced. Anyway, then she got the nicest one out of all of them, that is top of her budget, at the top of a road that will prove to be incredibly dangerous come winter. I guess we'll deal with that when it comes, which sadly isn't that far away.

Once she had the place picked out, and they approved her application, then we had to shop for furniture. She gets mad at me a lot, because she always says it's amazing that considering how much I make, I don't have any money ever. And yet, she works 5 jobs, and is so far in debt she's looking at around 7 years of payments (more than the minimum, too) before she's back in the black. I may not have a lot of extra income, but I'm always in the black (or at least, I am now). I've got 2 $200 payments left for my $1500 head gasket repair, and I won't owe a dime to anyone. Then I can save $1000 in my savings, and get one of those credit cards where it's your money you load on there, and you spend it and then make payments. It's like a loan from the bank that just keeps getting approved over and over. This supposedly is a fantastic way to build credit. So, to ensure I'm not nearly as irresponsible as I was when I was 18 and had a CIBC card, I will be making small purchases (gas, groceries) on the card until I have brought up my score by 10 points. Then, I will make slightly larger ones (clothes, some random computer parts I've been wanting, etc). Once the balance is back at $1000, I will make a larger purchase (brand new computer parts, so I can rebuild the whole thing again). Then, I will start applying for new cards, until I get one. Once that happens, I will shop for the best rate that is locked in for at least 3 years, and I will transfer whatever balance I have over to that one, and will NOT get any more cards. I have proven to myself over the last 11 years since my first ever card that even when it appears I am destitute and won't be able to eat, something ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS comes through at the last minute to save my ass. This means the school of thought "Oh, I'll apply for every card out there, in case of emergency" will die off, and I'll start behaving like a real adult.

I suppose I should have started this all a long time ago, but oh well, some of us are slower than others.

I bought myself a 20 inch 3000:1 contrast ratio with 3ms response time wide screen LCD. This is true geekdom at it's finest. And WOW? Holy shit does that game look good when you're not watching the refresh rate, well...refresh. The other 17 inch monitor now looks horrid every time I look at it, so I'm using it for my chat programs, and things I don't have to look at very often, like WinAmp.

I have $600 saved so far for my Dominican trip, and as long as I'm careful this week and next, I should be able to add another $100 to that from this paycheque, as well as about $300 from my next one, especially since I won't need groceries for half of the pay period. And the day I get back is pay day, so there you go! I'm hoping I won't go crazy while I'm down there because:

A. I won't have enough room in my suitcase to bring a ton of stuff back with me
B. I'll have a sizeable enough savings account that I can take care of my Christmas presents and not have to worry about being able to afford to bring random food with me when I go to all the Christmas dinners I've already planned on attending.
C. I can apply for that credit card I was just talking about, and hopefully will still have the $1000 balance I need in my account to be approved.

I figure as long as I'm careful, I can still have a GREAT time, because 98% of the reason I'm so excited to head down there is a ridiculously AWESOME photographic opportunities I'm predicting I'll have. Well, maybe not 98%. It's been a long damn time since all us friends were together, and we're all extremely excited to see each other, so I think it will be great.

The new kitten is adjusting well to life in this place. Belle is reasonably more happy with her presence in my home, which is a good sign. And, Belle doesn't appear to be so bored anymore, which is also good. The nights when I bust out the laser pointer are a LOT more interesting though!

2 weeks ago I got my nails done, and while I was there the nail lady broke out some darling stickers she had bought at a random dollar store many months ago. One was Hallowe'en/Thanksgiving themed, so I got one orange pumpkin (which turned out to be sparkly!) on each thumb. I sat there for the relaxing 2 hours, staring at the sheet, trying to decide what I would get done a few days before I leave for the Dominican. I think I'll get one red witch hat on each thumb. They were so damn cute, but the skeletons were pretty cute too.

The funny thing about the pumpkins though, is that only one woman that I've seen in my life or that I work with, has actually noticed the damn things. And she was a vet assistant that I only first met when I took Emma in for her first round of shots. Since then, it's been ALL MEN. Since when do men notice things like that? So very weird.

Weight wise, I'm down 23 pounds. Going to the gym each day before work has made me appreciate my days off, because I wake up on a Saturday, and all I'm REALLY bound to is whatever plans I made for myself. It's a nice feeling.

This weekend will be a busy one though, I fear. Friday night we've got a TSR outing (bowling at an alley near work), Saturday night us supervisors are heading to a sup's house, who lives near me, to drink and drink and drink. Sunday I know I have something planned as well, but I can't freakin remember what it was. The following week, all my appointments for the Dominican will begin. I have to take my traveller's diarrhea pills starting 7 days before I leave, which means October 31st is the day. I have to start my teeth whitening regimen 14 days before I leave, which makes it this Sunday. My second round of Twinrix shots are on the 27th, which is next Friday. My nail and hair appointments are on the same day on the weekend next week. Then, the next week, I have to start combing stores until I can find mosquito repellent with DEET in it. I've already started looking, and am not having an easy time finding anything so far. I've tried 3 separate stores, and haven't found a lot.

I will not be bringing my iPod with me, as much as I think I'd ABSOLUTELY enjoy having with me on my freaking 8 hour layover in Vancouver, because I've heard that the security people will take it away. Apparently it can be rigged to blow up planes, so they aren't allowing them. I wonder why notebook computers are allowed then? One of the tasks for the final week before I go is to call the airport to ask them for a very specific list of accepted plane stuff. I will also be bringing my cross stitch, as I think I will have a lot of time for that as well. They might not let the needle on the plane, because it could be construed as a weapon, so I guess I'll have to wait until I get the full list.

I managed to find a super cheap piece of luggage at MTF here in Kelowna. It's a decent size and was only $50. It has wheels and a pull out handle, which I am suspecting I will find VERY handy while I'm trying to amuse myself at the Vancouver International Airport. I wish I knew more people who lived in Van, as I'd love to be able to LEAVE the airport. Actually, I just thought of someone I could try to call. Thing is, they both work, so that will probably be a big fat no.

Anyway, I'm feeling more stress than excitement at this point. My friends that are coming keep messaging me and calling me wanting to talk about how excited they are, and all I want to do is have this whole thing be over so I can sort and process all the images, and get back into my working life and routine. Pretty sad when you're such a home body, a freaking trip to Puerto Plata isn't very exciting. Sigh.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I'm not really sure why I continue to write in this thing, I haven't had a comment in a very long time, and nobody mentions this site to me anymore. Nothing really is happening, I'm settling into my new position, but I really don't like it. I have been considering stepping down from it. I tried to get some training approved, and rather than making a decision, others were consulted, and they all changed the one mind I had initially convinced. It really pissed me off.

Oh well, what can I do.

A dear friend of mine ended his marriage of all of a year and a bit with his wife. I found out from another friend in FSJ, who was as surprised as I was. People are strange.

Monday, September 17, 2007


I don't know why, but each year, during this month, I write a post on my blog about what a change month September always is for me. I found another website I write on that I'd forgotten about, and on it, I'd written one post, on September 11th, about how September is always a change month for me. During that year and that month, I was worrying myself silly over whether or not I'd obtain the job I just had my last day at on Thursday. I was incredibly excited for all the new information I'd get my learning hungry hands on, and couldn't wait to find out if it was about to become my path of destruction. About a week later, I found out I got it, and over the next 6 weeks I wondered if I'd made the right decision when I accepted it. There was a certain person on this crew that I instantly knew I hated, and was very upset when I saw how he was treating my new coworkers when trying to TRAIN them for the new job. Of all times to show what a dickface you are, training for a new position is not one of those times.

As I was saying, in that post on the other website, I mentioned that all I really wanted to do was get to the point where I was done smoking. That point that I hit a few years ago, the one that caused me to throw out the single remaining cigarette in my pack, and not even *think* about wanting another one for 3 months. And it was on that day that I had my first beer since I'd quit. And since that day, I have been trying to recapture that feeling again.

Part of my quit was attributed to a boy I was interested in at the time who had no patience for smokers. He was helping me move to my new place, and while watching him walk down the street with some of my stuff towards the truck, I looked at my pack, and that was the last time I thought about it.

When I wrote, last September, about how poor I was, I couldn't believe that I had to wait until I was broke to think about quitting again. This September, I am NOT broke, though not well off. And here I am, thinking about it again.

And guess what? A lot of changes took place during this month, and it's just past half over! I remodeled my front room, added more furniture and some actual accents that created a feeling like maybe I actually wanted my place to feel homey! I bought new clothing, started colouring and actually putting an effort into my hair before work. I drove my sister around, all day, at the expense of my poor car that came close to overheating a few times, and didn't complain once. In fact I thought about trying to come up with a way to help her out with her monetary situation, which is almost laughable, since she's the one with the crystal clear credit history. I also spent 3 days consecutively with her, and we didn't fight once.

As well, I accepted a new position, and today was the first day. I very regretfully left the technical department I was so excited to join in the first place, and went upstairs. I wasn't very happy throughout the day, though the more tools I realized I had access to, the more happy I got. There really is a spot for me up there. With a little humbling personality work, I can become friends with everyone again, and make new friends. To be honest I miss my old co-workers. But I still have a great relationship with my old manager, and she comes to visit us all the time, so I still hear all the news. That's really all I need, is to keep up on the news, so I am not lost when something new happens. I am no less technical today than I was on Thursday. I can still do my job, and I can still spend the day with a tech, asking questions and learning new things.

Even though some of the techs find the ride alongs quite repetitious and annoying, they still take part, and not because they are required to. I think they do it because it's different from the norm, and all people can use a good shake up now and then.

Tomorrow I am going to teach someone something new. Then, I am going to head upstairs and start learning more stuff for my new position.

Hopefully the rest of this month will continue on. Throw all the changes you want at me, September, I am ready.

Dominican trip, November 2007!

This is the reason I love these two:

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