Monday, August 14, 2006

Fort St. John is the place to be

Wow, I just finished talking with a friend who visited another friend of ours in Fort St. John, and it seems that the place is teeming with high paying jobs.

She told me that most of the restaurants there, as an example, close early every night because they just don't have the staff to fill the positions. It also seems that it's a nice little town.

Now my friends are thinking of moving there, as our old boss got a job there a few months ago at the oil & gas company, and loves it. They already have a place to stay, and it looks like they've both got jobs already. All they have to do is move and it's all good.

I am still thinking this stupid town isn't the right place for me. It's almost like the fucking place is telling me to move back home to Saskatchewan, as BC obviously isn't the right province for me.

The reason I say this, is there's more issues with my car. Lately it has been stalling right after I start it, almost as if there isn't enough gas passing through to keep it running. It doesn't stall after that, it drives just fine, but it's worrying all the same. I talked to my car buddy and explained what was happening with it, and he said it was either a leak in the fuel line, which he really thinks it is, or the fuel pump, or a faulty ignition switch. I doubt it's the switch though, because it starts fine, it just doesn't stay running until I start it a second time. There's that, and then there's also the fact that I can smell gas, and it's a very obvious smell as well, very strong inside the car. My car buddy gave me a test to try, so tomorrow afternoon I will do that and see what happens. I guess he will be able to determine what's what once he has a chance to hear the result of the test.

I am just praying that it isn't the fuel pump, as for Hondas they tend to run around the $400 range. What is it with this flippin car and $400 repairs? I CANNOT AFFORD THIS DAMMIT!

In other news, I am trying to sell my camera. I love it and it's beautiful, but there's nothing I can do at this point. It appears my bad luck in Kelowna has struck again. It's just so....coincidental (?) that 3 days before I move back, the gov't starts to garnishee my wages. Then I get into town, and my car decides it hates the alternator, so I get to pay $400 for that. There hasn't been anything major since then, but keep in mind I've lived here all of 1.5 months, and this is already what's happened. The future, she ain't so bright.

Friday, August 04, 2006


It seems I haven't updated in a while. I also haven't played WOW in a while either. I promise an update and much more WOW playing is in the near future (tomorrow). I promise!