Monday, January 15, 2007

There is this rumour going around that if you start schooling to become a nurse there exists somewhere a contract, where if you sign, garners you the entirety of your schooling, PAID, by the BC Government. Many women at work are excited about this, and seem to think it's actually true. From what I've heard is that you have to promise you'll stay in BC for 5 years. Anyone know of the validity of this rumour?

Even if it is true, I am not sure this is a path I want to walk down. Sure, the medical sciences fascinate me, but I don't think it's enough that I want to go back to school full time for 4 years and have to stay here for another 5 years after that. I know there is a massive nursing shortage, as on today there was a story about how the Albertans are actually being sent to 4 overseas countries to entice nurses to come there. I don't know what other provinces are having the same problem, but I know we are.

If it turns out the sister has to go back to Saskatchewan for surgery (that is, if she ever gets her MRI), which means she has to move, I'll go into the law program at the UofS. Or maybe nursing, the hospital is part of the school after all...

In other news, I started a new eating plan. It isn't very exciting, I just started having incredibly heart healthy meals about 2 weeks ago. It takes up a LOT of my time, because there's so much more preparation of the foods, plus cooking and all that other BS. That's sort of why I never started it before now. I have a deadline though. Tammy and Peter are getting married overseas. The last time I was invited to a wedding of epic proportions (well to me, anyway) it was in simple to get to Victoria, and the tax man cut off my proverbial balls at the last possible second, rendering me almost penniless and ready to scream. The sadness I felt while writing the email explaining that I couldn't go is a feeling I won't forget for a while. This time, though the car is still a pile of unsafe shit, I have more money in the savings account than I've had in a long while. It's nice to know that I can afford to go, but because it's a tropical island, there's no way I'm going in my current condition. I was planning on waiting until I moved to the new place, but I'm not sure where this new place will be, and since the community centre is all of 5 blocks from my house, there's no reason I can't buy some drop in tickets, at least to get started. That way I'll know what I'm looking for in a routing, and can start actively looking for a workout buddy.

Either way, it's happening.

Time to switch gears again!

For some strange reason, in the last month and a bit I have practically had to beat the boys off with a stick. There's 2 reasons why the 2 that are hounding me are no good for me, which is why I've said no over and over and over again. Those reasons will remain unstated, as they both work with me (?? wtf is with that???). Believe me when I say it...those reasons are enough for ANYONE to say no...or at least those in their right minds. Having someone attracted to you is the neatest thing. Having them hound you about it and constantly email you though, that's something else entirely. Either way it's under control now, for the one guy. I think he got the hint at least. The other one on the other hand...sheesh. I'll find a way to get him to lay off.

Last gear switch!

Tomorrow (or should I say later on tonight) the Burning Crusade, xpac for World of Warcraft, will be waiting for my friend to pick up at midnight. I pre-ordered it today while on my way to work. I'd thought about ordering it before, but when I was at EB Games, they told me they were expecting 300 copies, and only 200 had been pre-ordered. So I thought, meh, why not. A buddy from work is getting his copy the same night from the same location, so I am dispatching a friend to pick him up, so neither is alone while waiting in line.

Basically I'm saying if you try to contact me during my 6 days off starting in T minus 3 days, it better be a /w Aurianna on Khadgar, or else I won't be responding.

Off I go to dream of my BE Priest....