Saturday, February 11, 2006

Welcome to the new blog.

For those of you who are new to this blog, I have two other blogs that I chose to stop writing in, because way too many people who know me were reading it. I will do more of an introduction later on. For now, here is my story for this week:

So it appears I may not be moving out of this place now. Things happened, a marriage ended, and a call was put through to the landlord. I will know much more tomorrow, if my roommate can stop avoiding me long enough to tell me what's happening. I can't blame him though, that's a horrible situation to be in, especially when everyone around you is giving you that look. The one that says "I told you so, this woman was no good from the start, why didn't you listen to me?"

In other news, I have decided to put off applying at Dream Company for now. Though it's a good time to get the fuck outta this house, it's not a good time to leave the roommate in the lurch for someone to share rent with. He needs some time to settle in, and I need more time to make decisions.

Part of me wants to leave this place right now, get out while the getting's good, leave my company before they realize what a huge mistake they made when they promoted me, and start fresh in the Dream Town with my family and friends. The bad side? I'd be leaving a ridiculously awesome support system with my mentors and boss at work, and would also be leaving behind some AWESOME people. Those that I chose to share this internal struggle with know how long I've wanted to work at Dream Company. After talking to a rep from Dream Company for almost an hour last night, suddenly the outlook is a bit more dim. It isn't quite the company I think it is. It's not set up the same as the company I work for now (of course it isn't), but that's more of a letdown then I thought it would be. I have moved to and from Dream Town before, and while it certainly is a fun place to live, especially in the summer, I never seem to do well when I move. Of course, other than one job, it's always been part time jobs. But with Current Company, I'm full time, I'm a manager, I'm on salary, I have great benefits, and I've only been there just under 2 years and 7 weeks, and I've got 5 weeks of holidays.

And, I booked all those holidays last week. Every day except 3, because I want to save those for special occassions. I have a wedding to go to, a surprise for my mom in March, camping in July, a long weekend for my sister's birthday, and Christmas back home. That takes money and vacation time, and I won't have nearly that much time if I leave and try out a new job now. I think I'll push it back a few months until I know what's happening. I CANNOT miss out on the wedding, it's something I've looked forward to for years, ever since I met the couple.

It will take careful planning, but I think this might be a productive year.