Sunday, March 25, 2007


Okay, so maybe I haven't posted pics of the new place yet. I'm still deciding if I want to work on the landlord to see if he'll let me paint, but since the garbage setup is the most annoying thing ever, I'm working on that first. I want a BFI bin!

In other news, yesterday there was a Retrograde concert in Van. I got a new car, so we drove in that. It was fairly decent on the Coq. A few days earlier I'd taken it on a quick trip to Vernon to see how it performs on the highway. Other than needing oil, it was all good. The trip to Van was FUNFUNFUN. I took tons of pics (mostly of Retrograde), but I got a sweet shot of the street that the Plaza was on. In fact it was the last picture I took on that entire trip, and I think it turned out the best.

And finally, the MOM unit comes to visit tomorrow. I'll be getting up early, cleaning the place, grocery shopping, and then showering and commencing the long wait until I know whether or not she wrote down my cell number. She doesn't have one and neither does the boyfriend, so all I can do is sit around and wait.

Should be fun.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


The new place is awesome. Pics to come once I'm done decorating.