Monday, September 17, 2007


I don't know why, but each year, during this month, I write a post on my blog about what a change month September always is for me. I found another website I write on that I'd forgotten about, and on it, I'd written one post, on September 11th, about how September is always a change month for me. During that year and that month, I was worrying myself silly over whether or not I'd obtain the job I just had my last day at on Thursday. I was incredibly excited for all the new information I'd get my learning hungry hands on, and couldn't wait to find out if it was about to become my path of destruction. About a week later, I found out I got it, and over the next 6 weeks I wondered if I'd made the right decision when I accepted it. There was a certain person on this crew that I instantly knew I hated, and was very upset when I saw how he was treating my new coworkers when trying to TRAIN them for the new job. Of all times to show what a dickface you are, training for a new position is not one of those times.

As I was saying, in that post on the other website, I mentioned that all I really wanted to do was get to the point where I was done smoking. That point that I hit a few years ago, the one that caused me to throw out the single remaining cigarette in my pack, and not even *think* about wanting another one for 3 months. And it was on that day that I had my first beer since I'd quit. And since that day, I have been trying to recapture that feeling again.

Part of my quit was attributed to a boy I was interested in at the time who had no patience for smokers. He was helping me move to my new place, and while watching him walk down the street with some of my stuff towards the truck, I looked at my pack, and that was the last time I thought about it.

When I wrote, last September, about how poor I was, I couldn't believe that I had to wait until I was broke to think about quitting again. This September, I am NOT broke, though not well off. And here I am, thinking about it again.

And guess what? A lot of changes took place during this month, and it's just past half over! I remodeled my front room, added more furniture and some actual accents that created a feeling like maybe I actually wanted my place to feel homey! I bought new clothing, started colouring and actually putting an effort into my hair before work. I drove my sister around, all day, at the expense of my poor car that came close to overheating a few times, and didn't complain once. In fact I thought about trying to come up with a way to help her out with her monetary situation, which is almost laughable, since she's the one with the crystal clear credit history. I also spent 3 days consecutively with her, and we didn't fight once.

As well, I accepted a new position, and today was the first day. I very regretfully left the technical department I was so excited to join in the first place, and went upstairs. I wasn't very happy throughout the day, though the more tools I realized I had access to, the more happy I got. There really is a spot for me up there. With a little humbling personality work, I can become friends with everyone again, and make new friends. To be honest I miss my old co-workers. But I still have a great relationship with my old manager, and she comes to visit us all the time, so I still hear all the news. That's really all I need, is to keep up on the news, so I am not lost when something new happens. I am no less technical today than I was on Thursday. I can still do my job, and I can still spend the day with a tech, asking questions and learning new things.

Even though some of the techs find the ride alongs quite repetitious and annoying, they still take part, and not because they are required to. I think they do it because it's different from the norm, and all people can use a good shake up now and then.

Tomorrow I am going to teach someone something new. Then, I am going to head upstairs and start learning more stuff for my new position.

Hopefully the rest of this month will continue on. Throw all the changes you want at me, September, I am ready.

Dominican trip, November 2007!

This is the reason I love these two:

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Saturday, September 08, 2007


I did something evil at work without even realizing it. I asked for something not realizing it wasn't my turn, because it's the last time for years, and I mean YEARS before I'll be able to partake in this particular activity again. So, I wanted to go for one last time. The thing is, it's not my turn. And because of the nature of the way this person has acted towards me, I don't care. In fact, myself plus 2 others are now looking forward to the look on his face when he sees what I've done.

In other news, I was going through my blog list just now, and I ran across this entry from WWWC. Because this photographer is AWESOME, and really actually has some talent, I have no qualms at all posting and linking to his website which is here, because he is really good, and will be bookmarked. I am VERY partial to this one, and I'm hoping it's the one I get. If not, no big deal, as all the other ones can be nicely framed and put almost anywhere, like, oh, I don't know, my new desk at work when I start my new position next week. I can't freakin wait!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

August is done? Already?

It appears to me August started and ended without anyone telling me. I was thinking that I'd have to plan carefully around the month, as rent was due, and I'd have to save a chunk of cash for an expensive trip to get the fucking passport bullshit taken care of.

Now I'm thinking ahead, to my trip in November to the Dominican (Puerto Plata) where I'll be watching my best friends get married. I cannot wait for this day, as I've been looking forward to it since I met them.

I had to cash in my stocks at work to be able to afford this, and I'm okay with that. They took $896 off in tax, so after cashing it in, I'll receive around $3000. The trip costs $1700, plus an extra flight my travel agent wouldn't schedule for me, as it can't be part of the trip. Oddly, my other friends in Fort St John and Kamloops were able to make the flight to Vancouver part of their trips, but I wasn't able to. So once I pay for the trip, I have to head down to the airport to schedule and pay for a flight to make sure I get to Vancouver in time to catch the correct plane. what a pain in the ass.

In other news, I am living in spider hell. Yesterday I saw a big brown one in my bedroom just as I was heading to bed, and only because my cat saw it first and tried to attack it. I shooed her away and killed it with a box of Q-Tips, as it was the only thing I had that was sturdy enough to kill something of that size.

This morning I went outside to have a smoke, and there was black widow #10, waiting outside my door. It was dead, thanks to Raid Spider Blaster. The shit lasts for weeks after spraying for the first time, and kills more than just spiders. However, I'm now seeing far more bug bodies than I've ever seen all in one place before, and I'm getting more and more afraid to come home at night, because I'm not sure what I'll find out there. I'd love to be able to ask my property manager to spray the outside of our places, but she refuses to pay for anything that will help us, as she's a complete psycho bitch.

SO, off to Home Depot when they open to buy a new door sweep, and more Raid Spider Blaster. I won't be able to retain my sanity for much longer. I've already had one almost sleepless night because I was so scared of them coming up on my bed, and/or hurting my cat. And according to the guy that lives next to me, this happens every year. I think it's safe to say that I'm never going to suffer through another summer in this god forsaken place ever again. I can't handle the new grey hairs I've sprouted over this bullshit. I wish I could just get over the fear, but they are UGLY, and the run too fast for my liking, and they really are a danger to my cat.

Gotta run, Home Depot is open, and I need to take care of my poor over stressed brain before I lose it for good.