Saturday, April 15, 2006


Specific things I remember:

-the pot holes are far worse than they ever have been. I don't think the City of Saskatoon remembers how to pave anymore.

-Brooke and I got lost trying to get back to 8th street from Circle Drive East

-Mom cried when she saw us, and again when she saw her present

-I drank a LOT

-the lake in Chitek had tons of ice on it and people were snowmobiling all over the place

-Quads were out, and it was probably the nicest weather Saskatchewan had seen since the last Christmas we visited (ha, ha)

-I got 1 Timmy's coffee, and while waiting in line saw the HOTTEST ambulance attendant in my life. I wanted to attack him as soon as I saw him.

-I did not take nearly as many pictures as I thought I would

-gas wasn't any cheaper there than it is here

-nothing much has changed. Although all my friends have moved onto different provinces/jobs, all of Brooke's friends were still in the same old town, doing the same old shit (if not with slightly different people)

-there are a few new buildings, (including an Old Navy!) but for the most part the city hadn't changed a bit.

-while it was nice to visit, I found I was glad I didn't live there anymore, and more than slightly surprised that the map of the city came flooding back so quickly. I was able to navigate the city a lot easier than I thought I'd be able to.


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