Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sick :(

I have not had a good couple of days recently. I thought everything was fine until 2 days ago, when my friend Nola was in town. We went for lunch and for dinner, and almost immediately, my stomach was upset. This is nothing new, as it gets upset a lot. But then the next night I went for a barbecue and had almost the same dinner as the night before, only in a smaller portion, and with mashed potatoes instead of fries.

See, I've been trying to eat healthier lately. I don't want to eat out anymore, and I want to make sure that when I do, it's healthy food. And rather than eat the same thing every morning for breakfast, and the same thing for lunch, I have been mixing it up, making egg white omelettes in the morning, and trying to remember to cook foods the night before so I can have something different for lunch.

However, today before work my stomach was so upset I almost called in sick. This is the worst I remember it ever being, and it kind of worried me. I still went to work, but around an hour later I left and went to the doctor.

He was a South African gentleman, and seemed nice, but didn't introduce himself when he came into the room, he just started reviewing the issues I'd covered off with the assistant earlier. He asked me if I'd ever had my stool tested for parasites, and when I said no, I instantly regretted it, because guess what I have to do?

He also recommended that I drink Metamucil every single day for the next week or so, and continue on with the Immodium I've been taking, to see if that helps. Tomorrow morning I have to drop off the sample at the lab, and then we'll go from there. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, and I think the doctor is too, because he didn't seem too worried about my symptoms. He thinks it is just IBS, which is something I've been suspecting for a while now. My family thinks it's all in my head, as they do with most things, and to be honest I'm glad it has a label. I'm tired of telling them that, no, really, it's not within my control, this is something that actually has a real definition.

Nothing has ever made me feel so old as the Metamucil suggestion though. I don't mind, except the only flavour I could find was Orange, and not being a huge Orange-flavoured-anything fan will make it tough for me to choke down.

Ahh well. For now all I can do is wait and hope nothing terrible comes back from the lab. Wish me luck.


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