Monday, May 28, 2007

Highest gas prices in Canada saves lives.

Yet antoher fire has hit our lovely Okanagan. This time it's a factory, but a huge one, that has taken out at least one building near it, and has caused officials to start talking of evacuating the grocery store and some homes in the area. You see, we've had very little rain, and slightly higher than normal temperatures for this time of year. 5 degrees hotter, and they'd probably evacuate the entire town of Westbank. Click here for a good picture of the fire.

I've been thinking lately that these realyl odd summer storms we're getting, where it gets extremely windy for about an hour, then spits for about 20 minutes, and then the wind blows all the clouds away, and then the sun comes back cannot be a good thing. The last fire season we had was a doozy, a scary one at that. We don't need another stifling hot summer and a ton of fires. The smoke in the air was REALLY bad, but with the ash raining down on everything, and no rain in the forecast made living here almost unbearable.

In other news, we, in our fabulous town of Kelowna, BC, have by far the highest price of gas in ALL OF CANADA. This is fucking BULLSHIT, for a number of reasons:

1. *I* live here.

2. I have a car with a bigger engine and about 80% less gas efficiency than my last car.

3. *I* live here.

4. I thought everyone said we weren't paying the "sunshine tax" anymore. WTF???

The ONLY good thing about all this is that the amount of street racing has almost dropped off the map, because nobody can afford to use their engines like that.

I remember last year when gas prices hit a new high, the ICBC people were pissed at how few car plates they had, because everyone was taking their cars and SUVs off the road because they couldn't afford to drive them anymore. Even my little 96 Cavalier costs $57 to fill up. I know for a fact that the SUVs are now at $80+, and they have to fill up more often, because gas efficiency and SUVs don't belong in the same sentence.

My final bitch of the day:

I just got my (fucking) Fortis bill today. My apartment isn't all that big, but the bill was still $113!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! This is insane, there's no way I use that much power. Assholes.


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