Thursday, May 17, 2007


It was decided amongst my friends and I that my new nick name must be Murph, as in Murphy's Law. If anything can go wrong, it will, especially where I am involved.

My car is STILL NOT READY. This is day 14 of this ridiculous ordeal. It was a freaking head gasket, what the hell. AND, of course, bad things happened, and the price jumped by $600, to make this an $1800 repair, not the $1200 it was looking like it would be. Fine. Whatever.

I got a new kitty, and 3 days later had to return her to her owners. I did nothing wrong, but she is NOT meant to be with other cats, and of course did nothing but hiss and growl at me. When her original owner came to get her again, she heard the growl and was shocked that her darling kitten would make a noise like that. I LOVE cats, but I could not get this little bitch to love me. And, she hated Belle too, which wasn't a good sign either. I expected some hissing, and some establishing of territory, but this girl was completely insane, and would let me pet her and scratch her ears for about 15 seconds before she remembered that she hates me, and then would take a swipe, with her full nails extended.

The next 2 weeks will be completely insane. Here is what it looks like:

Thursday: Get up.
Call shop, have them come get me and take me to my car. Pay for car (or at least the first $1000, since that's all I can afford).

Go grocery shopping.

Clean house.

Vaccuum stairs and clean windows, as part of the contract where I am the maintenance chick. We won't even talk about what a terrible mistake that was.

Do laundry.

Explain to Brendan that I'm completely nuts, and have decided yet again that I can't make the Tupelo Honey show.

Call Earl and Nola, and try to make plans for coffee/lunch/whatever.

Call Tammy's cell and hope she answers, to ask what time they will be in Kamloops.

Decide whether or not to attend the Tupelo Honey show, thus making me look even more insane, especially if I show up at the show after all.

If I decide to go, call sister and make arrangements to head to the show.

If not, pack and decide what I'll wear today, and tomorrow.

Make sure there's a place for me to sleep in the Loops.

Travel to the Loops.

Come home with just enough time to do the rest of laundry, do dishes, prepare lunch for the next day.

Saturday: Work 10:30-9

Sunday: Work 10:30-9

Monday: Work 4pm-9pm overtime.

Tuesday: Work 4pm-9pm overtime.

Wednesday: Work 10:30-9

Thursday: Day off due to knowing I'll need to clean and do laundry.

Friday: Work 10:30-9

Saturday: Work 10:30-9 This shift is 100% 10 hours of overtime.<---After work I have plans with a boy!

Sunday: Day off again.

Monday: Work 10:30-9

Tuesday: Work 10:30-9

Wednesday: Work 10:30-9

Thursday: Work 10:30-9

Friday: Spontaneously combust.

And during all this time, I will consistently worry more and more each day about when we will be finding out about who got the supervisor position, and simultaneously looking for a new job, should the only person in all of my company whom I CANNOT work with to save my life get the job. Sounds petty, but I know my limits, and everything he does will test them. I don't have enough mental strength to hold my tongue, and eventually will get fired. Maybe I should transfer to Calgary?

Good times.


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