Friday, February 23, 2007

Just a quick update

Nothing much that's exciting is happening around here. I've been packing (oh, joy) and cleaning (double joy). I'm finding that there is seriously very little I can do when it comes to packing until the actual moving day, as there's so little room in here with all my boxes out, I can't sort anything.

In other news, the lady from ICBC emailed me to let me know that the other dude took 100% responsibility. I've mentioned this before, but thought I would do so again as it's SO EXCITING. This means my license won't go up! Yes!

I picked up the cheque, paid my sister the $90 I owed her (I used her credit card to pay to get my battery replaced in my iPod, and forgot to pay her back until now) and then Brooke and I hung out for the day, shopping and waiting for her car to be finished in the shop (she got the brakes done and had the lights replaced). Once she got that we headed back to my place to watch Grey's Anatomy, and off to home she was.

Today I just enjoyed the fact that I hada day off. I did most of my packing, but as I said I can't do much more until I actually get some of this shit outta here.

Belle is a bit freaked by this whole thing. She knows something is up, but is enjoying it at the same time, as there's so. much. to. play. with. Her leg is doing better now, she's putting weight on it more and more often, which is a good sign.

Other than that, there really isn't anything new!


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