Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I had an amazing time at my birthday party. We started off at my house, where we had appys and kinda chilled out (oh, and I opened presents, all of which were AWESOME) until it was time to bowl. I was already feeling kinda happy when I got there, and was VERY happy by the time we left. One of the roommates met us there, and my buddy called his brother to meet us. Off to the bar we were. The live band there was not only shitty, they were a complete cover band. Normally I wouldn't mind, except the lead singer couldn't sing worth a shit, and there was no flow to their music at all. Many shots were purchased for me, and many hugs were given. After that, we headed back to my place, where we continued to drink and eat nachos and cheese courtesy the roommates, who are awesome. I don't think I've been that drunk in a long freaking time, and while I really beat myself up the next day (I was so sick I couldn't stop puking, and I missed my birthday present from one of the roommates (tickets to Anne of Green Gables)), I still had an excellent time. I wasn't quite aware of how good a time I had until today, when I saw the pictures. Wow.


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