Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My WOW Character

My WOW Character, originally uploaded by Neroausity.

I have been spending some time playing my new character in WOW. I doubt it will be a 60 before Burning Crusade comes out, but I'll try. I saw the South Parl episode where they make fun of WOW, and it was damn funny. They did an eerily good job of protraying what I also think is the average WOW player. I know there's all types that play, but I still thought it was funny how horrible all the kids looked by the time they were done doing what they were doing. I thought the whole "sword of 1000 truths" would turn into this annoying thing in the actual game, but other than a few people here and there, relatively few people actually pretended to have this sword. Thank god.

I'm still waiting to hear on the position I applied for, and the wait is getting arduous. I know they said 'by this Wednesday' but I don't think they mean it. It's like it's fun to watch me sprout more grey hairs over this or something.

Thanksgiving was alright, I'm nursing a nasty cold, so it could have been better. At work we did a pot luck type of thing, which was fun, and surprisingly good. I brought 3 bags of chips, and make 5 dozen cookies, which were a huge hit. Other people brought cases of pop, hallowe'en candy, and someone made what he calls "turkey cups". Basically it's a mini turkey dinner in a baked into a piece of bread that was stuff into a muffin tin. It was really good. I've never had anything like that before, so it was kinda neat.

After work I went for a drink with a friend, and then came home to bed. I thought I was going to fall over, I was so tired. The great thing about being sick is that your body is so tired from fighting off cold germs it's pretty easy to get to bed at night. I've been loving all the sleep I've been getting. If only I had enough energy to complete my household tasks...

The other day while having a smoke while on break, someone came out and mentioned that she was looking at the calendar, and realized it's only 6 paycheques until Christmas. Ack. 6 isn't a lot. I am hoping to be done by end of November, not including impulse buys and possibly a stocking for my sister. We'll see what happens with the new job and the money and all that. This place we're living in right now it huge, so it cost a lot to cool off in the summer, and will cost a lot in the winter to heat. I paid $150 for the power a few days ago, and I've still got more than enough left, so I should be alright.

I apologize to anyone who cares (though I'm thinking I don't have any readers left) for not updating lately. I have been stressting about this new job, and trying to get other things sorted out. I will update more, I promise!


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