Monday, September 11, 2006


September is change month, and always has been for me. I don't know if it's because it was the month everyone always went back to school, or what. What I do know, is that the most major changes in my life happen in September. Usually.

This year I moved back to K-town in July, and started at a company I've been trying to get onto for 10 years. Yes, 10 years.

This month, I applied for a new position in that company. My interview was last week, and my boss said that he knew who did and didn't get the positions, but he was in no position to divulge. Bastard.

I thought it would be the month I would quit smoking, but it isn't looking like it's happening. I have a 3 day stint off for the last Mon/Tues/Wed of the month, and although I've been trying VERY HARD to get to the point where I am sick of smoking and ready to quit, it isn't happening. It's too bad I always have to get to the point where I have so little money I am actually thinking about which one is more important: nicoteine, or groceries. How effin' sick is that?!?

Sadly that isn't the first time I've considered that.

In other news, I finally got myself a cell phone, on a real plan, that isn't pay as you go. That's nice, as it helps build credit, and I won't have to think about how much time I have used on the card, and I can pay a monthly fee and actually be able to upgrade and downgrade the service whenever I want. Sure, it cost me $200 because of the bad credit, but my dear sister was nice enough to provide me her CC number so I could get it. Now, as long as I'm not a dumbass, and go an quit my job over something retarded, or go and get my ass fired from this place, I should be alright. However, this might not be a good thing, as I've had it all of 3 days and I'm thinking about upgrading the plan. Not a good thing.

Either way life surprisingly is good right now, though I'm still depressed and need some things to change. I'm not enjoying my camera near as much as I should be. There was no composition in this shot at all, and look at it:

Canyon, originally uploaded by Neroausity.

It's too bad that all the smoke from the raging fires in Washington has been dirtying my beautiful town. Course, that's not to say the massive fire we had didn't dirty up American soil, as I know it did, but still. For once we are fairly LARGE FIRE free, and I was hoping I'd be able to breathe one clean breath while outside. Guess not.


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