Friday, June 30, 2006

Canada Day Celebrations and More

Wow, what an odd couple of days. Yesterday was a really bad one, as my alternator went. I have very little money as I am transitioning b/wn jobs right now, and with rent and moving expenses and all that, it hasn't been fun. The used alternator that the dude at the shop tried to acquire for me didn't work, so I was left to buy a new one. After taxes and shop fees, it came to $370. Ouch.

Now I need a new valve cover gasket, because if I don't get one, the 2 year warranty on the alternator will be void, as the oil that's leaking out is dripping directly onto the brand new alternator. I should know better than to buy used cars from people I don't know. At leas the grey car I had before actually had very little issues. I don't know why the hell I ever got rid of that car, that was a stupid move. I guess I was just sick of driving an automatic.

I'm sure the next thing to go will be the clutch, as I don't know how old it is, but I know it's old enough that I need to be concerned with something like that. Hopefully it will wait until after I've come back from Vancouver, but knowing my luck, that won't happen. Maybe I'll look into that second job I've been thinking about. There's a place here called Trail Appliances that wants a secretary one day a week, only on Saturdays. It's too bad I don't quite know what my shift will be at Shaw, or I'd definitely apply, or would have applied yesterday.

In other news the famdamily has decided they are coming over for a BBQ on July 1st, which is tomorrow. I'll be spending today doing some deeper cleaning, and then sweeping all the floors tomorrow before they get here. There's a bunch of concerts in the park tomorrow, one of which we are definitely going to see, and that's Cold Driven. They opened up for Retrograde last time we saw them play, which was in Vernon. It was an awesome show on both parts, and I purchased a CD that night that hasn't left my disc player in 4 months. Hopefully they'll have some new stuff to deliver tomorrow.

It's actually kind of odd how excited I am to see them. It's almost like seeing my favorite band for the first time. Retrograde will always be my favourite, but I didn't know a single song of Cold Driven's, and now I know all of them on the disc, so it will be neat to see which parts of their songs they change when they're live. Should be good.


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