Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stupid Car

I went to do downtown today to take some pictures of Ben's wedding, and out of nowhere the oil light came on. I turned around and hit the first gas station I saw, which was 7-11. I bought 2 litres of oil, poured them in, then checked the dipstick. Nothing. didn't even register that there was oil on there. I went back in and bought another litre, and then it showed up. I thought everything was fine, so I went to the park where the wedding was. I ran back to my car to grab some more water because it was SO hot out there, and I noticed that there was a huge oil puddle under my car. Uh oh. Checked the dipstick, and sure enough, there was no oil registering again. So I grabbed an extra litre of oil I missed earlier that was in my hatch, and poured it in. I barely got home. The oil light flickered off and on the whole way, and when I got home I called the only mechanic I know. He was unfortunately in Chilliwack for his girlfriend's birthday and said he couldn't look at the car until Monday, which unfortunately is the day I'm schedule to move out of town. Fuck.


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