Thursday, December 21, 2006


So, things are a bit better now, although the cat is sooooome pissed at her shitty situation. See, she's not allowed to jump on anything, because if she jumps off again, she can break the broken bones again. She's also not allowed out of my room, which quite possibly ended her life, as the dog is allowed everywhere. We can't risk that he will chase her again, because she will jump up onto the Ledge Of Doom again and will fall again and this time will have 1.2 legs to hold her up. Can you spell "I-can't-afford-$300-again"?

So we are dealing the best we can, I have been feeding her an unholy amount of wet food, which sadly causes her poop to become soft, and because the cast is all the way to the end of her foot, she can't feel when she accidentally steps in the poop, and therefore runs around my room (and on my bed, and all the way up the side of the bed) with poop streamer behind her, marking up her 'territory'.

In other news, I had my Shaw Digital Phone installed today. Actually it was installed a month ago, but I got a phone number today. Sadly, it knocked the other phone offline as well. So now we have NO phone. Needless to say, the technician is on his way back to my house (or will be within the next hour) to get us back up and running. I personally think it's just our two cordless phones + a shitty Telus wireless router (that has caused us issues before), but before I blame any one peice of equipment, I want the tech to diagnose the issue. He had trouble getting a dialtone when he was here earlier, and he said it was because of the plate they installed last time they were here. If he pushed in a single wire on the plate, BOOM, we had dialtone.

Anyway, hopefully he gets here soon, I haven't finished my Christmas mailing, and since one card was returned (with the CORRECT ADDRESS ON IT (thanks, Canada Post, assholes)) I have to re-envelope that one and re-postage it to get it back. However, due to CPC being overloaded this time of year, things take forever, so my best friends will NOT be receiving their awesome Christmas card that I waited more than 2 months to send (Costco gets their handmade cards SUPER EARLY). If I'd known the jackass letter carrier, I would have smacked them upside the head, driven to Coquitlam, and delivered the fucking thing myself. Aaaaanyway.


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