Friday, May 11, 2007

Car stuff.

Nothing much has been happening as of late, just thinking about work, working, and dealing with my car.

I was hoping that it would only take one day for this to get repaired, as trying to find a ride to work some days can be super challenging. However, someone at work was very nice and drove me every day, even though she was arriving 30 minutes early for her shift. Someone else I work with felt bad that due to my shift, it hasn't worked out once yet that I've spent a day with a tech, or gone to Penticton for any training, and VERY NICELY offered to flip a coin with me, even though he was scheduled to go. And I won.

So to Penticton and back we went, very quickly. I've never really been out that way before, but holy hell is that highway dangerous. I can see rear ending happening a lot there, especially in the winter. And the poor techs have to travel all over the place, as there's also Summerland and Peachland to deal with. Nuts.

Anyway, the training was fantastic, and I can't wait until part 2, as certain areas of my job are finally coming together. I am beginning to understand the nature of cable, how it works, how noise is traced, what causes outages, and how contractors, and sadly, Telus are to blame more often than not. Even worse than those 2 is our customers! Drunk drivers hit a pole, and angry customers call us. Some guy died due to drunk driving? SO? THE GAME IS ON, FIX IT NOW.

Today I have an interview for another supervisor position in another department, and I can't drive myself there, because 5 days later, the car still isn't ready. I'm hoping all the stars will align, and I will call the car shop after the interview, and they will say, hey, guess what! It's ready!

The one bonus to all this car stuff: it appears the extra $600 part will NOT be necessary, because I took it in early enough! Yay me!


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