Saturday, June 16, 2007

"I was a tongue. For years!"

Had an absolutely AMAZING time tonight. I normally wouldn't write this late, especially since I had one of the worst insomniac episodes I've ever had last week, so bad that I actually missed 1.5 days of work, and had to go to the god damned forsaken from-hell medi clinic to get sleeping pills, and my doctor told me that part of good 'sleep hygiene' is that you go to bed at the same time every night, no smoking, no coffee, no life basically, but I know I'll look at this page over and over again in the next couple of days, promising myself I'll update it with the happenings of the weekend and will never get around to it.


Brooke's dear friend Beaner and her sister flew to Kelowna today on a whim for a holiday. We met them at their hotel at around 6, went for a few drinks at the bar across the street, walked down to another bar near their hotel, and met up with some friends of theirs. I met 3 of the most amazing people tonight. One was a Aussie with a very feminine name (can't remember what it was), another was a really nice woman whose name I don't think I EVER knew, and the other was a man named Trevor.

They were fantastic, hilarious, keeping us entertained and laughing for most of the time we were at the pub. Then, Trevor, the insurance company owner, bought ALL our drinks (EVERY SINGLE ONE, a fact I didn't learn until they moved on to the next bar, and I went to pay my bill, only to find there WAS no bill). I asked him what he did for a living, and he started off by saying that he was a tongue, for years. He started at this company 20 years ago as a mail person, so all he did was lick and seal envelopes for mailing later on, and stayed with the company for so long he eventually bought the damn thing.

The sister went home early because she has to work at 8:30 this morning, but the rest of us moved onto a bar I'd never been to before. This is the ONLY remaining bar in this town I haven't visited yet, and now I have. We drank, drank, danced, drank more, laughed, watched these AWESOME break dancers strutt their stuff on the floor, laughed, drank, flirted, danced, and drank. We had an absolute BLAST. They were here on business from Alberta, and staying in the same hotel as my sister's friends, so they all went home together too. The two boys have to work in Calgary tomorrow (I think) so they only came out for tonight.

We weren't even supposed to head out tonight, but the girls got into town a good 5 hours earlier than they had expected to, so we figured why not.

They left at about 1am or so, or at least I think they did. Trevor had WAY too much to drink and wasn't feeling to well. Beaner came to remind me that I was/am coming with them again tomorrow/tonight, and the Australian with the feminine name came, grabbed my face, kissed my cheek and told me I was darling, and then turned around and ran off.

The remaining girls, with whom I had original plans for the night, closed down the bar. In fact, I just got home about 25 minutes ago.

There's many more memories I want to share along with a SHITLOAD of pictures, none of which I took (I really need a point and shoot, dammit), but I'm tired and I have a long day ahead of me again tomorrow. The landlord is coming hopefully to drop off my new vaccuum, I have to finish cleaning my place, do the grocery shopping, and then it's back out to the bar again.

Sunday brings my mom and her husband to view the new place they just bought near Keremeos. Should be fun being outside in the rain when hungover. Harsh.


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