Thursday, June 07, 2007


This week has been a rough one. I got 5 fillings and lost 3 teeth in less then an hour. I thought that having 3 days off after this would be enough time to recouperate, and boy was I wrong. I have a huge bruise on my left cheek, and incredibly sore cheek muscle, and more medication (all of which upsets my stomach) that I can shake a stick at.

At work today, I had fun, except trying to eat when you can't really eat isn't that fun, and I found out through an incredibly lame email that I did not get the supervisor position. There are better ways of letting people know, and wth, why did the one person who said she'd never want the job, apply, and then accept it??? Either way, I'm glad one specific person didn't get it, and I'm sure there are good things in the future for us.

My travel agent is not working with me here. She's telling me the one resort 5 of my friends have booked 2 weeks at isn't showing up for her, ANYWHERE. It's also turned out to be $600 more expensive for me than everyone else, because I'm going alone. On top of this, the payments for my car, and the payments on the repairs for my car, is breaking my bank. I should have bought a $200 bicycle and said to hell with the rest. But, avoiding fights and keeping my sanity is more important, so fine, I'll lie in the bed I made for myself.

Work still isn't any fun, but more positions are coming up every day, which always mean more money, so I'll definitely be applying for them all.

In other news, there is no other news, except I wish I had known what my cell plan would be like when each bill came in, because then I would have chosen a better plan. Ahh well.

Hopefully things will get better soon!


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