Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Pics

I guess I should explain the new pictures that are up on the right there. My mom and her fiancee/boyfriend Murray were in BC for 2 weeks. I think they left yesterday. Anyway, they bought a place in Keremeos, so they were there to get as much work done as they could on the new place in preparation for their move next year. They want to get out here really badly, but they just aren't ready yet, and for that matter, neither is the place. It was a perfect mess inside when we went in there for the first time. There was tons of stuff left behind, and it really looked like the people who lived there before hadn't moved out. There was a total of four bicycles left behind, 2 of which are in good condition, so mom and I are taking those. There was also some paintings and pictures, and even a photo album with a bunch of old pictures in it from the 30s and 40s, some wedding shots, and even a confirmation booklet! We saved that stuff, as the owner's name was everywhere on it, so we are hoping to track him down to give it back.

As for everything else, my 3 days off were a nightmare. Normally I would have relaxed, hit up the gym, cleaned the place, did laundry, all that. Instead, I took my car in to get the signals fixed (for the 3rd time) and when they told me to come and get it, I came, but the damn thing wouldn't start. AND, they went over my budget that I told them was limited at $250. I can't even make another down payment type thing on it, because I don't have any money left in my account. I even had to take the gas money my mom gave me and use it for groceries, because I didn't have enough. My own sister pays more rent than I do, has a shittier car, one extra non full time job, and she could afford the gas in her own car. I make almost $40,000 a year and I couldn't fucking fill my tank. This is getting ridiculous. Seriously.

Anyway, it was nice seeing mom and Murray again, and I can't wait until they move out here. I truly hope the business they want to start goes really well for them, because it's time for someone in this family to be successful for once.

I'm just hoping that I get my car back by Friday, because the last thing I want is to be without it for a long time again. I just can't do it all over again. Christ.


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