Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My cat is crazy

So this weekend was a nutty one. And by weekend, I mean probably the last 3 days off in a row I will experience until around 2010. I got a second job at and office supply company. If you know me, you know I LOVE office supplies, so this is a good thing! However I am dedicating 2 of my days off each week to them, so this may or may not continue to be a good thing. I seriously need the extra money, so even if it isn't good, I'll make it work. Though I think I managed to work out in my head that I can still afford this trip without the extra bucks, I still want and need things, like some real furniture, so I can create a new style with my place.

I am tired of the "I got everything for free, who cares what it looks like, it works" style. Or lack thereof.

As well, when the iPhone finally launches who knows when, I WANT ONE. This thing makes me very happy for reasons few would understand. I can't wait until we get them, and the best part? Telus has NOTHING to do with the launch. So I can stay a Roger's customer, and continue to be happy, with a brand new phone! I would have bought a new phone by now, but I can't do normal text messaging. My current phone has a fold out QWERTY keyboard, and I'm afraid I have been spoiled. I don't need T9 predictions, because it only comes on when I don't flip out the keyboard, which is never. The iPhone appears to promise oh so much more than that. I can get rid of my clunky (but no less awesome) 4000 lb 20G iPod. It still works awesome, and the battery is brand new, but it's very heavy, and because it's old school, I can't find a single accessory for it, including those arm bands for them. Plus, I REALLY hate iTunes, and haven't really bothered to look into the other tools available for it (to bypass the annoying nonsensical bloated software). Eventually I'll get around to it, but still.

I had Mon/Tue/Wed off, which was nice, as I got a lot of social time in, and though it was very fun, I've about had it with people, and can successfully retreat back into my shell. I love talking and spending time with people, but after a certain point I miss my ME time, and feel the need to retract a bit and relax the way I like to.

Monday I went to the house my sister was house sitting at, and we watched a slightly boring movie that was all over the place and didn't really make sense. During the day I spent the day with my friend, though all we really did was hang out on her porch, drink a shitload of coffee, and chain smoke. I did bring all the pictures over for her, and we spent some time in Paint Shop Pro playing around, editing, and all that.

I have seriously forgotten how I really prefer to use PSP versus Photoshop CS2. I hate that there's 3458948 buttons, and 15 functions for each button in CS2. I love the software as there really is a lot you can do (same thing with Lightroom) but both, I find, have a workflow that doesn't work for me. I remember before Photoshop 7 got insanely popular, I was always a PSP user. I switched over because everyone else did, and because they were so good at it, it couldn't possibly be THAT hard to pick up, could it?

I remember why I initially almost dropped the Photoshop idea. After Stef showed me all the things you can do in PSP, with very little multi-clicking, I have decided to move back to PSP. I will be able to tailor my images better than ever before, and can up the quality of those that I post on Flickr. Speaking of which I've got more pics coming, I promise.

Tuesday I spent the day at home, doing my cleaning duties, and various other household tasks. After 5, when my sister was off work, we briefly considered picking up and driving to Vancouver for the Retrograde concert, but changed our minds, as I'm still not 100% about my car. We then watched 2 very strange movies, both of which were intense but far too long for the message they were trying to get across.

Wednesday I got up, hit the gym again (I went Tuesday too) came home, showered, and called Stef. We both needed to go grocery shopping, so I went over and got her and her son, and off we went. She told me about this place near-ish to me that is a Battery Doctor, that's also an authorized paint depot, meaning they take old paint cans and get rid of them the right way. They ALSO, and I am SO EFFIN GLAD I know this now, give the paint away for free, when it's still usable. Supposedly when people buy too much paint by accident, or hate the colour and have to buy new stuff, or when a mix went bad, they would take these (mostly) full paint cans an deliver them to this place. You go in, look at the cans you want, check out the colours, and if they suit you and you can use them, you put your name and number down on a sheet, and you can take the cans away. There is absolutely no limit on what you can take as well. Saturday is the day to go to this place, because most people drop it all off then. I cannot wait to see the colours in store for me. If only I was allowed to paint my place...

Anyway, after that we hit the Bay and Zellers looking for a good TV stand for Stef. We found one that was $60, and amazingly managed to fit it into my car. Sadly I broke the trunk latch in the process, but ahh well. It shouldn't be too expensive to fix.

After that we took everything home (the stand wasn't in a box, so we had no room for groceries) unpacked it all, and went grocery shopping. I took my groceries home, and then took them home. I hung around there for the rest of the night, and helped them clean their living room up for the impending party on Friday night. At the very least we are planning on a Cranium night, which is awesome, and then on Saturday my old boss is having a massive party that he apparently has each year, so I'll be attending that. Then it will be time to crawl into my shell again, which is good, because by then my hours at the Office place will have begun, and all my free time will be gone.

Hopefully I'll remember to update this thing more often. My bad.


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